What is dynamic Molding ?

Dynamic molding technology is a new radical concept of Additive Manufacturing Deposition (AMD) in which the building environment is composed of a controlled granular phase (powder), behaving like a dynamic molding system in which manufacturing materials (inks) are dispensed.

Which materials are compatible with DYNaMIC MOLDING?

The Dynamic molding process is compatible with all injectable materials , from low to high viscosity, from thermoplastic to elastomers. Our process enables us to build unexpected composite objects made up of injection material and powder grains from the dynamic mold. This feature opens the path to a complete new field of research and applications. Our company first focus on the development of silicone and soft composites solution.

Which silicone grades are compatible with dynamic molding ? what are the benefits?

A wide range of silicones are used by dynamic molding from 1shore A to 80shore A.

Our technology is compatible with the injectable materials on the market which allows us to use commercial grades, avoiding the time and expense of regulatory validation.

Are the silicone and powder grades used biocompatible?

Yes, we use biocompatible powders and materials.

Do you have ISO 10993?

Not yet, but as the powders and silicone grades are biocompatible we will probably have it in the second half of 2022.

When is the part cross-linked during the manufacturing process?

Once the printing is finished we put the object created in the oven to make it cross-link, this allows to have a uniform cross-linking of the whole piece.

Can we offer 100% silicone solutions (without powder)?

Yes because as we can use sacrificial powder , we can obtain pure silicone material.

Are silicone parts airtight and watertight?

yes ! and we have recently won a waterproofing contest which proves it (challenge innovation POCLAIN) we have also posted a video on the linkedin do not hesitate to watch it !

wich application are you targeting?

Mainly focused on the health sector, but also on transport, energy, fashion and food processing